Friday, August 22, 2008

Last day of official lessons in school and here marks the end of our uniform days!
Thank you and three cheers for Ms Wong who bought as a cake...really delicious...chocolate brownie if i didn't remember wrongly :)

"Dear s73, Good Luck For A Levels!" hahaha...that's the spirit....

Somehow everyone is looking apprehensively at the cake. Stares at the cake. Eyes water. "Is anything going to happen?" some people wonder. Stares at cake still. "Can I have second helpings?" thinks JiaJu (out of pic) "Maybe I should go cut the cake." thinks Wenrui. And there you go, that's so characteristic of 73.
YAY! And wenrui cuts the cake! ("Phew!" thinks bystanders) As usual, nobody cuts a cake as perfectly as she does... she's got an in-built compass-cum-ruler-cum protractor-cum-set square in her (or she must be a computer in disguise, with that unmistakable font size 10 arial handwriting...hmm...)

Nice class photo here...though slightly slanted...looks as if all of us are tilted to one side of the frame :D that's quite cute...but that was quite a fun photo. Three cameras, three timers, three people trying to run into the frame in time for the pic....well, that's the joy of taking your own photos i guess cos it gets really exciting :D

End of post! See you then!

With love, Flo :D

Posted by Flo at 4:06 PM