Saturday, January 26, 2008

CNY Celebrations

HELLO everyone!! its me again.. what shall we do after cny celebrations on 6th feb?? pls contribute some ideas... i shall start the ball rolling..

we can go her house to get a clearer insight of how a person suffering from OCD lives... plus her house got mahjong.. and perhaps we can go take a look at her mugging fortress (and jump on her bed)....

basically add a slot for bai nianing at sec sch before going to wen rui's house..

haha.. any more ideas??? who wants to volunteer his/her/others' place for us to play? :D

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Seniors Meet Juniors Session

Last Wednesday, we finally get to meet our juniors! But of course before that some of us have already went to investigate their background, and the info they got is:
1) They are a triple science class...(brainy or ahem...)
2) They only have 18 people, 7 guys and 11 girls? (so little people)

Anyway, we did a small welcome party for them, which Joyce and Seng wei went through the pains of buying lots of chips, bottles of soft drinks and TWO boxes of STRUDEL for them...thanks a was delicious!
Before the feast, we played our usual welcoming games. To our horror, we learnt that this year's counsel is very nice to this batch of they never play "Pass the pocky game" and do all sorts of funny forfeits which we all suffered last we decided to make them do it's some photos...(viewers' discretion)

First up, it's "Pole Dance". Unfortunately, my phone the camera abit zai, cannot take motion pics, so i only took one while Joyce (in Cedar U) is threatening/coaxing/persuading this junior, whom i think is Jonathan, to dance around another girl (not in pic) for forfeit...

Next, "Pass the Pocky" game~~~

Weilun suggested it...actually want him to demo with *beep* but then we decided to spare them...

Well, end of round on of the pocky game...forfeit time...quite interesting

Juniors: "Can we just sing a nursery rhyme or something?"

Senior: "Sure, why not? Just sing it with the guy in push-up position over the girl..."

Junior: "..."

Then, the guy super cute...he went over the girl at the legs...then the seniors (guys) started to complain

Kx: "Not fair...last year we got tekan by the counsellors...must body over body...parallel to each other!"

Hahaha...i think we argued with the juniors for like 15 min before we finally let them be in this position singing "twinkle twinkle little star" plus doing 5 push ups...i wonder which is better?

Round 2~~~~

She's meng...ahem...

Oooo...and things start to get hot...

After witnessing that kind of funny forfeits that we dished out, everyone seems to be all determined not to drop the's an extreme case...

Well, by now the pocky is about 2 cm long...George decides to negotiate with the girls

G: "Ok, either you do forfeit with me or she do forfeit with me. You choose."

Hmm...not really a negotiation isn't it...but nevertheless...the three of them were excellent...they managed to pass the pocky and saboed another pair...woohoo! That's the spirit man!

Pocky at 1 cm...

Forfeit...2 person standing on one small piece of newspaper...

Seniors came back!

Self-introduction time! We self intro in one circle...must say name and the joke started

Jia ju: "Hi, I'm Jia Ju. I'm from MAD"

o.O lol...

Joon Wee: "I'm Peter," -.- "My chinese name is bi bi."

Jia ju break dancing! Hahaha...

Jia ju zibi-ing...hahaha...all the way jj! Go break dance!

Well...that's all for now! Waiting for JTS!!!

Flo :D

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

From them we see ourselves

Damn the war game has started already yet we were still having bio lecture. First aiders were so fortunate, can be excused from lect and can watch the entire game >.<
Though we arent the ones playing, watching the game was also equally fun and exciting! In our j1 year, before the war game started, I still remembered Kang Qiang said: "THE SUN IS SHINIHG BRIGHTLY TODAY, SO WE HAVE LOTS OF POWER!!!" The crowd roared.
Ares base was indeed "colourful". No wonder they lost.

The alliance was damn obvious. and the defence was imba. do you see phospholipid bilayer? with numerous phosphate heads and carbon tails. with cholesterol regulating its fluidity-.-

and lysosomes engulfing the foreign intruders and disarming them.

Eh i only have a few decent pictures for campfire nite. None for S73s group photos. Can someone post here (:


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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just want to thank all of you for making my birthday a really really really happy one.

Thanks Lee koon, Peng rong and Weilin for going early to get my presents and planning the birthday...(though weilin like made the supposedly "surprise" super obvious and I was trying to pretend I dunno anything... :D)

then, Aaron, Yusiang, Edwin, and Baona (came like last minute...super thankful to her) for coming too...we had lots of fun on the ice skating ring...trying not to fall and trying to skate...

then the ones who shared for the present and sending bdae messages...thanks a lot... :D

oh ya...remember wenrui's astonishing and impressive cake cutting skills? with weilin's... :D

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flo's bday part 1!

Haha. Leekoon's version of Florence's birthday is super funny. Ok so why she is blogging about the later part of Florence's birthday is because we used different cameras to take photos. Mine was during iceskating and it ran out of battery. It honourably risked the chance of being crushed when I fall onto the ice. Haha. Leekoon, pengrong and me decided to meet earlier to buy Florence's present and the cake. Then we went around looking for her present. Haha. Leekoon and Pengrong were both wearing black! So sorry for being a bit bright. Then we were walking and talking and Leekoon suddenly came up with this idea of calling Pengrong 'xiao-mei'. Lol. And there was Choo xiao mei.After buying the presents, it was still early so we went over to check out the kbox price because we almost changed to kbox since only a few of us know how to iceskate. But it was imbah ex. $20. So we went to the iceskating place and looked around. There were only 2 skaters then they were imbah pro. Then we were like how come there is no other noobs around, later we go in then got 2 pros and 8 noobs there how? But luckily it was just a performance by the people from the national team. wow. After that, the ring resumed to have some noobs, some pros and some intermediates. Then we sat down and looked at them for a while and Pengrong began to tell us about how his fingers almost get chopped off by the skates. Please ah, it was a super wrong timing to say that story because we were about to go and skate and he gave the impression that your fingers will get chopped off anytime when you get into the ring.

So we went to the mrt station to fetch our fellow classmates and then we realised we were short of 1 person to form groups of 4 which will be cheaper and got unlimited time to ice-skate inside. So Leekoon managed to persuade Baona to come and join us. While we waited for her to come, we went to arcade to play. Edwin, Yusiang, Leekoon and Florence played the basketball and they managed to get into the 2nd round. Not bad. Then Florence and Yusiang played Time Crisis. Yusiang quite zai, can shoot super fast.

Then we went to the iceskating place. Got our skates and put our stuff in locker and we began to skate. Starting was a bit difficult then you could see this bunch of people clutching the side of the ring. Like this:

Another group photo of the 8 of us, taken by an uncle who is pro in iceskating. He joined in the speedskating. wow.

So we iceskated for a few rounds then Leekoon went to remind the person to play the dedication for Florence. The PA system was not very good and the message was not very clear but anyway, there was a happy birthday song which was quite old and slow and bubbles floating down. We intended the bigger kind of bubbles but the effect of this one was not bad too. Like snow like that. We skated to the center where the bubbles were floating down from and took photos.

Florence with the 'snow' on her hair. Cannot really see in this picture.

Picture of the female lead and the male lead. But the male lead changed halfway. Haha. Shall elaborate later.

Leekoon and I with the birthday girl!

At 4pm, there was resurfacing of the ice. But before that, there was a speed skating round which was to skate at your own risk because everyone was skating at super fast speed and the impact when you fall down will be super great. But of course, everyone doing the speed skating were pros and no one fell down. It was like they were running on the ice as though it was just like on land. wow. The uncle who helped us took photos went and skated and he did not lose to the younger skaters. wow. After the speed skating was resurfacing when the truck came out to scrape the surface to make it smoother. So we made use of the chance to take photos. Haha.

The jie-mei bang! With the newest member, xiao-mei! Haha.

Spot the main difference for the next two photos. Other than the colour contrast of the picture which my camera changed itself and I dont know to increase the colour contrast.

Haha. Leekoon want to niao Pengrong so she asked me to take the top one. Then Pengrong bushuang and went to join in. That is why 1 got him 1 don't have.

Then, we continues to skate around. Leekoon, Edwin and Yusiang quite pro though it was Yusiang's first time to iceskate. wow. Leekoon pulled almost everyone one round and it was quite shuang to just let people drag you along without having to move your legs. Haha. Florence dragged me a lot of rounds too because we were skating together. Haha. So all of us began quite ok in iceskating after rounds and rounds of skating though some of us fell down a few times and there was no need to clutch onto the sides of the ring.

Florence got leg cramp so she went out to retie her shoelaces. Bo liao Leekoon went to take photo. -.-

Now about the part of the changing of the male lead... when we were skating halfway, we noticed something. ;) Look at the next 2 photos...

Look on the left side of the person in green. Spot the 2 tall pple skating together...

A closeup photo. Caught in action. Not very clear but still can identify that is Mr C and Miss H. Haha. Something we didn't realise before.

Haha. After iceskating, we walked to imm for dinner. When we were walking... we noticed another interesting sight. Though quite often seen but still interesting.

Picture kindly taken by Baona. Haha. Miss K and Mr C in black.

Oh ya must clarify for the dinner. It is because they don't know how to pei he then become like that lor. Anyway, that's all for yesterday's celebrations. Continue to read below for Leekoon's part 2 of Florence's birthday.

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Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to FLORENCE!!!! Happy birthday to you~~

On a fateful Saturday afternoon, a bunch of people appeared at Jurong East Fuji Ice Skating Palace.. :)
Namely: Florence HO, CHOO Peng Rong, LENG Weilin, Edwin CHEN, NG Yu Siang, Aaron KONG, TEO Baona, KWEK Lee Koon =D

Details of skating will be covered by our dear weilin.. ^.^ My job here is to cover what happened AFTER the skating~ haha~~ Well.. actually, there's still a part before the skating, which weilin will ALSO cover ;)

Well basically, with our imba planning skills, the day went on with a fantastic ice skating session (where we had lots and lots and lots of fun stuff~~)

Haha.. Then we went over to IMM to have a delicious meal of PEPPER lunch!! Uneventful for the meal, we decided to have some excitement while bringing in the cake.. This was how the conversation went:

Everyone eating in a relatively calm manner... Pr and Lk were just about to go collect the cake in a subtle manner and discussing if it was the right them when....

Weilin: Hey Pengrong, You want to go toilet first?


"Where got ask other people to go toilet one???"



BUT.. during the course of waiting for people to appear, the candle became like this:

(Imagines the length of time we waited..HMM..)

But still, florence looks HAPPY with the cake ^.^

(this photo is purely to show the power of my nikkon camera.. look at the SMOKE.. omg.. i like this~ ;P)

Then, in the absence of wenrui, weilin decided to undertake the role of the cake-cutter.. and this.. was what Happened...

Haha.. someone with the mango cake photo can do a contrast k :)

Oh, then the phototaking time!! Decided to take a group photo together! *YAY!!*

then not forgetting the "SCANDALS".. haha.. wl shall tell us WHY edwin is in the photo too.. HMM..

Okay, here's florence with her imba acting cute look~ And of course, the cutesy bimbo bag courtesy of yusiang, kaexiang, joshua and edwin ^.^ (i think.. if i'm wrong, correct me~)

Took a final photo outside pepper lunch (felt like a tourist? :P)~


In short, here's our DARLIN' florence with her wonderful set of birthday presents, all complete~

Finally, my last words:
Dear Florence, Happy 18th Birthday~~


Enjoy the weekends everyone~!!!

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