Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Phantom of the Opera went to watch The Phantom of the was spectacular!!!! The stage setting was beautiful, there was a chandelier hanging from the ceiling...then the costumes were in great detail...the sing with style, professionalism...they could really touch the heartstrings of the the last part when the Phantom was sort of abandoned by Christine, I almost cried...such sadness and rejection in his voice. I thought it sort of reflected the cruelty of society, to ostracize a man with deformaties...he was denied of all forms of love,
Raou, "Please be compassionate!"
Phantom, "The world showed me none!"
...AWWWW...even though i was sitting at the third row from the back in circle 4, i could still see quite's worth the money, seriously...and when the woman sang, i could feel the hair standing on my back...but it was good...their voices were excellent...i really dunno how to express it, but you will never regret's a splendid performance...:)

Haha, then went out for dinner with jasmin, lee koon, tingyi, yi hong, edwin, aaron and peng, jasmin and edwin went to macs to eat...actually, they were accompanying me la...the rest went to Yamaha in PS...edwin, he ordered 2 ice cream cones...then they started become quite messy...the whole table was dripped with ice cream...hmmm...i wonder why pple EAT ice cream and not LICK ice cream...different preferences i guess...

Anyway, that's not the impt point...we went up to yamaha...and we got the rare opp to see our classmates play the piano...原来大家都是深藏不露...especially edwin and aaron...haiz...still down there humble...ok la...maybe they think there standard still not very good...but for me, this kind of lousy person, I think it's great! And you will realise a lot of pple have music background...hmmm...even Darren, our senior, plays the piano...there's really a lot more to find out about the class...

Later, we also dunno what to do...we walk here walk there, sian for around another one hour, then went home...hmmm...nothing eventful la...but we did gossip a bit on the MRT...haha...

Flo...random stuff...

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Lee Soo Young Grace MV subbed

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secret mv - lee soo young subbed

Hey! tingyi ask me to post these videos one.. ask here why :)

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Friday, March 30, 2007

This is a sad but nice video! But its pretty old! Enjoy!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wow there is a trend of sharing video at the classblog! Here is a video gotten from my friend and it is kinda funny. I fail to resist from laughing when watching it even though i have watched it long time ago, so pls enjoy!!!


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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

popping by

hello 73!!

its time to welcome the new classmates!!

put ur hands together to welcome:

Ding Jie,
Joon Wee,
Seng Yeow ( WAHAHAH we have another seng person!:)
and XiaoWen!!!!!

WOOOOOOOOO a brand new 73

and now turning our attention to the departure of 4 ex-73 mates...:(

all the best to:

nic neo,
edwin ( woohoo heard he's the CT rep of his new class!! way to go edwin:) and


lalalala do enjoy ur new class!!!! and rmbr to come visit us at the class bench !

once again,

ONCE A 73-ian, ALWAYS a 73-ian


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I'm sure you see something out of place lol.

I couldnt make it smaller =(

Enjoy. Go easy on the bandwidth. If u really like it u can download from the player. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT KEEP LOOPING! TY =)

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Say I'm nuts.. but i like this video~ :D
Moral of the Story: Dont Worry. Be Happy.
How optimistic can babies get? ;) lolx~~

Go visit this website:
It was kinda inspiring for me so.. yepz.. hope you guys like it~ ^.^

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Hmm... promised flo e other day ill come blog.. so here i m. :)

LIfe's boring nowadays.. so here to introduce e super zhai movie "Haunted School"!!! lolx.. k lahz.. not THAT zhai.. bt gd enuf to send our dearest yh screaming in the cinema so.. lolx.. go see lahz.. its quite not bad de~~ :)

HOpe e poster scares you enuf to go watch it lahz~~ lolx.. its really nice.. promise.

btw.. its in chinese. :P
k lah.. ya.. nth much to say..

oh.. and welcome to e new students in our cls~~ :D
~Glij (LK)

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Correction to the last post

Sorry...I need to make a correction to the previous post...Wenrui has started on TUTORIAL 3C...not 3A...and just in case some of you still don't know what i'm referring to, it's the maths tutorial, chapter 3...the one we just finished today, urm no, going to finish soon...

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today is another fun-filled day (it seems that we had 5 hours of PE)...we had our faces painted, wore our Apollo tee and tied yellow sashes around our hands, wrists, necks and wherever you can tie on...but before I go on about the Games Day, just tell you a bit on the things I saw before assembly.
As I walked into school with my fellow 157 bus pals, I saw this:
To tell you the truth, I wasn't as shock as I was about 2 months ago, when my mind would scream, "OMG...What on earth are they doing!!!!!" Cos this has already become a common sight at our class bench. As usual, the No.1 Most Hardworking Girl in the Universe, Miss Choo Wenrui, was doing maths tutorial 3B (how many of you even touched tutorial 3A?)
Look, she's so absorbed that she doesn't even know I'm taking a picture of her...nvm...continue whatever you're doing, dear Wenrui, this is your trademark, our model. :)
Ok, let's move on to Games Day. Yup, face paint on our was quite ugly...but we were forced to put yah...this was how it looked like:Process of having our faces mutilated...

Managed to force Wenrui to have her face painted too...:D
Can't escape~ Tingyi...(:Haha...this one also...偷拍成功! :D
Edwin...stop jumping around...-.-

There goes...Tingyi went to do first aid duty...dragged Weilin along, so Wenrui and I went to walk around and watched the games. We went to the field and saw Seng Wei and Sylvia playing cool, both of them...
Can see? The two people in the centre is Seng
Wei and Sylvia.

Then, we also went to watch the badminton was Yu Siang and Jasmin...Yu Siang...damn pro...everyone was like cheering for least at the last match...we were also watching with mouths wide open...
Unfortunately, my cam doesn't have the function for fast-moving objects, so it only appears as a blur...zannendesne:(

I think we also played table-tennis, cos I saw Jia Ju playing...anyway, the third court was set aside for warm up, so we all went to play a game of long never play, still can hit the shuttlecork...haha...but then because I didn't do warm up, I think I sprain my wrist and back a little...but it's fine now so who cares? Having fun is more important...:D Guess I will have serious muscle ache tmr...

By that time, Wenrui have already left...dunno where she go...oh ya...and Weilin ps Tingyi...she didn't do first aid duty...hahaha...
See...this is the guilty look of could you do that to Tingyi...see...Tingyi so forlorn...first aider the 宿命

Ok...I think I shall end here first...or not the post too long...haha...continue hands very tired...


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Monday, March 19, 2007

Today, I declare that I am the LAGGEST PERSON in 73. SLOW POKE. How did I discovered this fact? Ahhh...long story...Once a upon a day, in a sweltering afternoon, 73 was in E202 having GP lesson. It appeared that the teacher got lost, so we had some free time to ourselves. Then, Kae Xiang said, "This is a string, this is a string, this is not a string, this is half a string, so what's this?"
Yu Siang replied, "This is a string."
And they burst out laughing at their own cleverness...-.-" So, we all got interested and looked up. Even Wenrui, who was busy mugging her Jap (I should say to no avail because she was interrupted every 10 secs, but knowing Wenrui, 10% of info would have gotten into her brain), looked up and began the game moved on for about 10 mins...everyone tyco the correct ans, but still couldn't get he did a real obvious one and then Tingyi got it!!! Hurray! Leaving the rest of us all in bleakness cos we were lagging badly...(well of course la...we don't have THAT KIND OF 默契 WHAT :D) Ya...then slowly, bit by bit, one person after another got it....Weilin and Aaron down there, "ORH...This is a string."
"Half-a string."
And I was still ignorant...haha...then Wenrui got it...leaving the to Huang Cheng laggers behind...which is Peng Rong and me...haiz...just then...the lightbulb above Peng Rong's head also lit up! He almost threw himself out of the window when he realised the lame clue. AHHHHH! I was like, haha, thanks la, I know I slow...bei niao dao wan everybody surrounded me and Kae Xiang was like doing the action so obviously...and finally...I STILL DIDN'T GET IT! I was so frustrated that I went to the corner of the classroom and zibei for 10 secs...then I went back and continue...haha...thanks for all the patience man...the pple who got it like half an hour earlier then me...and Kae Xiang...hope you don't have muscle ache after stretching your hands so widely for like a thousand times...haha...sorry...ya...but luckily I got it...:D
Actually, I know la...I am FLO and doesn't it rhyme well with SLOW? flo slow slow flo...lalala...whatever...anyway...we all had fun (laughing at the tortoise...-.-)

Flo the Lagger.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random post-Overbored's me again...yup...that irritating IT rep...whole day post random stuff...too bad :P you will have to live with it! time's already 3 months...I must say I have been through a lot, all that turmoil and stress, hope the term will start on a happier note :) Well, it's been 4 days since Huang Cheng ended, I took the time to rest and to sleep all the time I missed out during the past 2 and 1/2 months. So, fully recharged, I'm back here to long has it been...(stares faraway). YAY!!! But then, I'm currently rotting at home, allowing little moulds to grow on maybe when i return from the hols, you guys will see me fairer...ok...cut it out...stop talking rubbish...actually, I just want to say I really want to see you guys soon back in sch! ENJOY YOUR HOLS! :D


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Monday, March 12, 2007

Before & after Huang Cheng

Imagine a big and dark guy with tattoos over his hand, popping in front of you and blasting you words like “I am not doing a charity!!! Listen up…” unexpectedly with his eyes glaring at you. How would you react? It was so random and unexpected!! Haha and this was what happened yesterday at the city hall mrt interchange!

While Sze Ying, Bei Yu and I were waiting for the rest of the class at the mrt station, we encountered this guy who stormed in front of us and fired us with his SPEECH in a FRIENDLY manner…His unsightly gaze was like telling me that “I gonna kill you if you dare to challenge me!” Other than stun, stone, lag, and of course, dao and shun, we seriously don’t know how to react. Then we stood at a corner, observing that guy talking to other cliques. It was damn funny lah =D All stunned and remained speechlessly as we did. Later another guy approached me and then I got to know that they were doing a charity in favor of the ex-convicts who encountered obstacles in turning a new leaf in the society. “Please give’em a second chance! This pen will only cost you 2 dollars and you will make a difference in their life!” Wah…compared to the previous guy, this gentleman was very friendly and I was more than willing to do him a favor. Later, Joyce, Dun Yong, Jia Ju, Seng Wei and Sylvia arrived! LOL I thought I was the latest but they proved me wrong. Haha nvm, coz being late is part of our Chinese tradition!

Guess what’s next? That dark guy was approaching us o.O and the history has repeated itself…=.= Before that guy could finish his second sentence, Sylvia, without hesitation, said “Dao lah Dao lah, let’s go” and the class just walked away, leaving me and Dun Yong who were lagging behind. As we have recovered from lagging, that guy held us back and I think Sylvia’s words have prompted an angry outburst from the man. “Tell your friend that the way she said is not nice!” and his speech went on and on. Haihz…we were like innocently tanking there for about 2 mins before we managed to escape from him. Pls Sylvia, don’t provoke him to fight and get into jail again. I think he is an ex-convict. =/

After this funny encounter we went to eat sushi!! Yeah dinner at 5:30pm =.= Anyway it was quite an enjoyable dinner as we played many INTELLECTUAL GAMES while eating.
“How many meh meh(sheep) jumped over the wall?”
“Wrong is 0”
“Listen carefully ah, how many meh meh jumped over the wall?”
“haha wrong, is 3!”

LOL I and Jia Ju caught no balls and we were so innocent and inpatient.
“Eh, Seng Wei, 我们早上是student, 晚上是brotherrr! Teach me leh…”
“Walao, 当我被抓的时候没有一个brother来看我!”


Then Bei Yu came out with something new.
“This is a spoon.” She held the spoon straight with her right hand.
“This, is a spoon.” She held the spoon in another angle…
Then she held it with her left hand, “Is this a spoon?”
Somehow we taiko and got it correct. The answer is “No.”
Then she did it again and again with different demonstration, but the answer did not tally with our logic! Question marks started popping around our heads…o.O??? We should ask her to demo again when school reopens.

Siaow I have written so long and haven touched on Huang Cheng. Nvm I should leave this job for the rest of you man. Anyway the drama was quite entertaining and we have many pro actors/actress in our class! *Clap clap*

Oh yah special thanks to Dun Yong, Jia Ju, Joyce, Seng Wei, Sylvia…(Did I miss anyone?) You all have made my day and I really like my birthday present! Thanks a lot =)


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Friday, March 9, 2007


anyway, fun fact of the day. today while we were going to play badminton at the high school side, saw some A LOT OF red ants moving around. then wenrui started a LIVE COMMENTARY on what they were doing, screaming commenting that they were HANNIBALS hahah. oh but they were really scary they were carrying dead bodies (of ants) around and some were like tearing a poor ant apart.

zomg while i was talking about ants this BEETLE flew right past my head and freaked the hell out of me.

yeah anyway to the people concerned, i think those ants are WEAVER ANTS.

i tried googling 'red ants with big red butts/ red ants that eat their own kind' but of course the results were crap la.

okay people enjoy school tmr okay! :D its the last day!

oh how can i forget to mention my name!
- Gongzie

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Tragic Story of 30 Years of Evolution

Wah...I'm really tired...I want to go to sleep already...but I will finish this last post before I do...cos the next few days I will come home without half my conscious...wouldn't have enough energy left to go online...

Today, this afternoon, PR finally told me his big secret. Let me relate it back to you.
He finally uncovered the fact that he is REALLY an enzyme in disguise. From what I have been told, He is an enzyme from the year 2034, sent back to earth in order to save humanity. He was supposed to be sent back to a much further date, something like year 2020 I think, but then time machine got problem, yah, so you get it. Anyway, he brought some bad news for me. He told me that in future, which is in year 2034, there will be a great fungus ball disguised as a meteriod that will hit Earth in New York. It is released by some aliens (dunno for what reason. However, more importantly, it contains a deadly virus that will cause mutation in human being's synthesising of DNA. As a result, everyone will be cruelly turned into an enzyme. He is one such sad example. You see, enzymes like him work at a optimum temperature of 25 degree celsius (he is on the verge of denaturing at that point of time as I was interviewing him in mid afternoon) and they have evolved to becoming brainless. What they do is to catalyse information, which he claims to be a much more efficient method of digesting information than processing it with human brains. (If that's true I'll rather be an enzyme).
He also gave me some insight on the culture and lifestyle of the enzymes living in the future. In his school education system, every enzyme is classified according to their optimum temperature and they are provided with fully air-conditioned classrooms to facilitate in their learning, or rather, catalysing capabilities. Furthermore, the alphabet 'F' has been changed into 'pH' as part of their identitiy of being enzymes.
You might wonder, so why is he here? Yes, I'm getting to that point. He is born in Africa (New York has been destroyed by the fungus) and his ultimate mission here is to save mankind- destroy the fungus! Three cheers!

Then, here comes along Lee Koon. She also divulged her deepest most secret to me- that she is in fact a sub- enzyme. What's that? You are wondering, bewilded and skeptical. Here's my explanation in human language. Basically, a sub-enzyme are things that process like a human brain. They grow brains (forced by external pressure which cannot be named) in order to process information. She reckons that she's here to same the brainless creature-enzyme. Mr Enzyme and Miss Sub-enzyme engaged in a fruitful argument that lasted for about half an hour, trying to outwit each other with their special capabilities. :D And I as the innocent, vulnerable and ignorant human watched in awe at the two supremes that are sent here to save the Earth, to save us all.

And thus, the story ends here. The moral of the story is: if you want to maintain your structure now as a human being, you better cooperate with the two of them. Who knows, if you don't, you might just become brainless!

(Sorry for the lameless, but school is the best place to churn up with lame stories...hopefully this will be a good laugh or maybe 'sian' you out!)

Flo :)

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Emo Kid writing

Tuesday 06/03/07: Worse day of my life this year. Posting is out and in case some still don't know, I'm posted to NJC. What shall I say? I expected this to come and I know where I will be posted to already so when I got the results from my friend I just felt this tiny little bit of sinking feeling in my heart. Ok, feelings still under control. Then later, during break, my friend came and tell me that half the 7 pointers didn't get in. It was like the end of the world to me. 7 pointers cannot get in, it's as though I still have a chance. :( Anyway, I went to the Emo Tree to emo and started crying...really can't take it anymore...I had been struggling for the past month not to cry in really hurts to think I will be parting with you guys soon.
Seriously, I think there is magic revolving our class. Whenever I get emo, I would surely get cheered up by the end of the day by those funny tactics and lame jokes that we always have. A special feeling I will never forget...already etched in the heart...anyway, the lame thing that happened today I will elaborate later.
I really didn't know how you all managed to do that behind my back...I'm always a spoiler for surprises because I will be sure to uncover one especially if it was meant for when I got ready to go for Huang Cheng and was trying to put my pencil case into my bag, I spotted this piece of folded paper in my bag...strange, cos I never fold my assignments. I took it out and opened it up, wondering where on earth this thing came from...haha...that was when I realise it was little notes left by you guys...My heart melted instantly, seriously, tears just flowed down my cheeks. Those words of encouragement is like balm to ease the pain I was feeling...cos I know at least I still have support across the gave me courage to face tomorrow...:) Thank you 73ians, it's really really x 1000 sweet of you...thank you very much. And I still don't how you pple did this behind my are born to create surprise man!

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Monday, March 5, 2007

Song Change + Bio test

Im sure everyone mugging very hard for bio test. Good luck everyone, although i know i will fail! NO TIME TO STUDY!! Due to huang cheng, i have not been able to blog... And i would like to remind all of you that this is not just 6 ppl's blog, its the whole class'.

Nice post Florence. Im currently catalysing the conversion of bio notes to memory.

Anyway, song changed to FictionJunction YUUKA - Kouya Ruten.

This file is 5.58 MB and i have 3GB of bandwidth left so around 600 plays later i will change song XD. Actually I'm just lazy. Enjoy.


PS. If you all really dun like the song i can change k? Leave tags

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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Lame Day 2

As if Thursday wasn't lame enough...the effect lasted till Friday...oh...Friday...The release of A level during PE, we were given the job to carry goodie bags to the desks of the different classes...if I were them I wouldn't consider it as goodie bags...the bags were heavy as lead...stacks of information books for U (I think) were piled was some PE man...carrying 6 goodie bags was no joke...I'm suffering from acute muscle ache on the shoulders...i feel as though i have two big bruises...:( OK...i admit i'm physically unfit...we end off early...then some of us went to play BB. It was Sylvia, Ron, JJ, DY, WR, WL, Brandon, YS, Edwin and I...nice game...though i rarely touched the ball...i saw the pros in our class....that's really cool...but of course there was some violence involved and we weren't really happy but overall we were quite fine...

Then after school, we went back to the class bench to find our grand seniors we were stranded...nowhere to sit... no bench ke2 we had an illegal gathering at the palm tree just facing the class bench. Let me just shift the light to this palm tree for a while. This particular palm tree is really special cos it's a great place to emo at. Maybe I shall just name it the EMO TREE. Anyway, many of us stood at that tree sharing the chocolates that i brought to school...talking about lame stuff...then I gave the tree a hug (not that I am crazy) because the other time WL and me read in this book that if you hug a tree long enough it will hug you back (-.-)...:D Sometimes i think if the tree is given a long enough time, it may just become human cos i wonder how many generations of students had emo at the tree...and we also checked whether we were suffering from depression using this guideline found in the newsweek. The outcome is:
1) Eating too little/ too much
2) Sleeping too little/ too much
3) Cannot concentrate one one thing
4) Feel lack of interest in things that you used to enjoy
If i didn't remember wrongly it was the result...haha...that's quite funny actually...

Oh...and i wonder how many of you notice the fact that things ARE really more than it meets the eye. How many of you ever suspect that your life would be like the MIB, surrounded by aliens in disguise. I have just identified two:

Suspect No.1: Choo Peng Rong
- Has optimum temperature in which his mind operates
- When the temp is too low or high, he will not be able to sleep nor study
-Optimum temp: 25 degree celcius
Conclusion: An enzyme in human disguise

Suspect No.2: Choo Wen Rui
- Is able to write (type) all her answers out in tutorials and notes in Arial, Font Size 8 with precision
- Loves to run around the track for many times
Conclusion: A typewriter in human skin

Notice the similiarities:
- They both share the same surname: CHOO

So the next time, BEWARE of who you are might never know...

( offence to the above two people in apologies :) )


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Lame day's finally Saturday...finally have the time to post things online...huang cheng is getting really hectic, since the performance is next week...always reach home at >10.30pm...:( but nonetheless fulfilling...I'm also disappointed to see that the blog has remained so stagnant...what happened to the rest of the class!? Does no one has anything to blog about? Even lame things can go on the blog, as that's what I'm going to tell you guys about two lame days we had this week. Or else the blog will breed Andes mosquitoes. Cos it's stagnant. :D

Thurs 1/3/07: The beginning of the lameness. As you see, the econs people are released at 12 (wahaha) so YS, PR and I just happened to sit down at the class bench listening to our own sources of music and reading bio notes (not that I get the impression that anything went into any of our heads). That day was a chilly day...cold wind plus rain...then, WR and WL came to the bench. The three of us continued to stare at our notes when we suddenly realise that the two of them were arguing over something. And guess what? Wen rui was trying to show Wei lin how the hair on her hand stands. The trio instantly looked up and stared at the pair incredulously: is it WR that is acting weirdly or WL that is 变态? So as usual, WR was very hardworking. She came out with all sorts of methods to make her hair stand. 1) She held her hands in midway air, hoping that the biting wind would be cold enough to trigger the hair erector muscles on her hand to contract in order for her hair to stand. Failed.

2) Seeing that her attempt was futile, she thought of going to the water cooler to use the cold water to make her hand stand. She sprinted off (as usual) That was when we realise: sprinting makes your body feel warm so she will never be able to make her hair stand...(-.-) But anyway, she managed to get her hand to stand yah...end of Lame Activity No. 1

Next, we sat down, sianing away because we realise nothing's going into our heads...we caught sight of ________'s notes. This was how it looked like...
See those tiny stick men...yup...masterpiece from _____(name protected)...we all burst out laughing...cos it's really quite cute...really creative...I really believe that all students are trained to be artistically inclined...for a purpose implicitly known. Next picture:

Can you tell who's this? Yup, that's right, it's Jia Ju modified (sorry, there's no need for censorship this round). Actually, it's YS who decided to do a sketch on JJ...but then JJ don't like the original...he decided to beautify it but it was a we add on some details and fangs and that's what happened to our JJ's face...BTW...the cheek was not so thin at first...but he did not like it so he rubbed it away and redefined his face. :P comes another masterpiece...this time it's in _____'s ____ (i shall refrain from mentioning names) As for the secret exposed...ahaha...figure out yourselves...

To be continued...

Flo :D

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Friday, March 2, 2007


hwachong did fantastically well for A levels, YAY. I really feel so happy for our school~

Enjoy ur weekend + holiday everyone!!

n dun 4get, tmr got public speaking core module at 8am.

:D :D :D

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