Monday, April 30, 2007

Bleach OP

Video 2. Yui - Rolling Star.

One of bleach OPs. I'm sure you all bleach freaks like the OP of the song as well :)

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Combined sports meet first time in hc's sports meet...really different...combine 4 schools together to hold one sports meet...and still able to finish within 4 school (st.nicks), only one school, but then also take 4 hours...haha...but we got a lot more activities compared to you all...wonder how did all of you survive the last 4 years...really quite boring leh...-.-But weilin and me sneaked out to play reversi...hahaha...guess who won? Me of course :D show you our game.The black ones are mine...
Oh the end only 4/26 in our class left in the specs stand...5 i mean, including yu siang...dunno where the rest go to...(mugging at class bench)

Anyway, Apollo won!!! Best Faculty...hahahaha...yay, Apollo rocks!

Then we went to macs for ice cream....i was having a craving for it...hee hee (giggles)...ya...and SOMETHING interesting happened there...shan't say further, for fear of being dragged out of my bed at night and killed...but if you want to know...heh heh heh...just feel free to tell me, i'll glad to illustrate the episode to you...:D

Flo :D

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Nah not removing

As you can see the widescreen really widescreen. But im not removing it cos its a really nice song :)

also i removed the playlist. One song is enough lol, since no one really listens to it anyway.

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Testing wide screen PV


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Friday, April 27, 2007


I have a MC so i'm at home stoning. Not mugging cos must restrain from over stressing myself. Yea.

Anyway, since quite a few of our classmates seem to like to watch anime, i shall post my anime list for those who are interested. It may seem i watch a lot but actually its quite little. Ah. I onli wished i discovered anime earlier.

Enjoy viewing.

Also i like to burn anime onto DVDs so yea. I have *some* series on DVDs. :P

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boring hour, boring post.

ok...i decided that school is getting boring...
come to think about it, thurs has 3 hours of break, fri has 1.5 hours of break...we really must spend some time thinking about what to do during that i decided to bring board games see, 闷到发荒 sad...i got a lot of traveller's pack board games at home if anyone wants to play, just tell me...i think i would probably have...
-monopoly, reversi, guess who, mastermind, chinese chess, weiqi, connect four, upwords, etc.

Anyway, the other day we were at the canteen again talking about random stuff...then suddenly weilin said her friend call her by the name "Leng wei" without the lin...hahaha...we thought it was very funny, so we tried to call everyone else by the first two letters too...imagine that...we all sound like we are from China...

oh ya, one more thing to add: please take pride in your post and acknowledge your writeups can...put your name at the end of the post so that we know who posted...don't act secretive...and keep the blog alive....!

Flo :D

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

yay!!! my first post.. *applause please... *bow humbly.. haha.. ok.. here to share 2 mv ty has asked me to watch.. quite nice. 2 parts.. first is partner for life then second part is slow both by sg wannabe.. a lot of u may have watched it but no harm rewatching right. :D haha.. tyty.. :D

ps. first time posting.. dont know can work or not..

part 1 - partner for life

part 2 - slow


pss. anyone interested in sl proj for acres?? haha.. i got cip craze today.. :D

-THE wei lun

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so much for a constructive PW session...

Not slack ahz.. jiaju watching zero no tsukaima EP8, tingyi and yihong surrounding a com watching prohibited youtube stuff and blogs.. sengwei and joyce deep in convo abt the PI. (finally pp doing work) Audrey sleeping on the table, wenrui talking to our dearing mdm yeoh, beiyu watching some random "YEAH" site, szeying and joonwee secretly meeting at the side.. etc etc etc..

who the hell is doing norml work lahz?!?!? haha~~

like she cares..

things written on board:
- May 2nd (wed)
- Cover opage, page no & word count
- check list

Wahz.. like we really want to do anything ahz.. CRAPZ..

And not forgetting, our dear leekoon blogging and reading blogs..

2.4 in 30min time.. if i live to tell the tale tonight, i'll blog.. :D

goodluck.. hope it rains.. ;)

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Monday, April 23, 2007

A survey on the definition of "GIGGLE"

First of all, my friends, how do you define the word "GIGGLE"?
Today, during GP lesson, after the timed assignment, Aaron and I were sitting down and discussing why a guy would feel extremely uncomfortable with sitting with a bunch of giggling I asked, "OK, what do you define as giggling?" Suddenly, out of the blue, Weilin answered, "HEE HEE HEE." Both of us were momentarily stunned. Then Aaron said, " So laughing would be 'HA HA HA' la, if you put it that way..." And both of us burst out laughing, cos we never imagined anyone would define giggle as 'HEE HEE HEE'. However, Weilin insisted that she was we came out with a brilliant solution.
We went around and asked the class, "How do you define the word 'giggle'?" And strangely enough, these were some of the interesting answers:

Jasmin & PR: laughter with a feminine touch
Edwin: suppressed laughter
Kxiang: laughing hysterically
Yihoong: bimbotic squeals

And now i shall define the word giggle: laugh lightly in a nervous or silly way (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary definition) ya...i wondered how close we got to the real definition (i think yi hoong got it :D) words to that effect...haha...

Lastly, How far do you define giggle as "HEE HEE HEE"? Justify your answer and try to convince weilin otherwise. Can put your answer on the class tag board.

Flo-laughing till her stomach aches :D

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Boring...-.-'s me again...currently slacking again...cos from the time 12pm to 7 pm is the unproductive time for nothing to do and also don't feel like doing...i see that the class blog has just died...after the bleach analysis nobody has anything to post...i check the class blog everyday, then got nothing...sort of feeling a teeny weeny bit of lame jokes also...dunno what happen to weilun's plan of writing a novel of cold i just drop by and type a few words la...anyway...2.4 on tuesday...good luck everyone...happy running...i will be half dead by then...

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

bleach captains(:

okie. i wonder if joon wee's post will be before mine or after mine... anyway.. i shall do the intro about the captains as assigned(: Bleach is a REALLY REALLY nice anime!

ok.. this is the official website(: ( its cool but its in jap)
you may want to look at this(: (this is in english)

Division 1 Cap: Yamamoto Genryuusai
Division 1 Vice-Cap: Sasakibe Choujirou

Division 2 Cap: Soi Fong
Division 2 Vice-Cap : Oomaeda Marechiyo

Division 3 Cap : Ichimaru Gin
Division 3 Vice-Cap: Kira Izuru

Division 4 Cap : Unohana Retsu
Division 4 Vice-Cap: Kotetsu Isane

Division 5 Cap: Aizen Sousuke
Division 5 Vice-Cap : Hinamori Momo

Division 6 Cap : Kuchiki Byakuya
Division 6 Vice-Cap: Abarai Renji

Division 7 Cap : Komamura Sajin
Division 7 Vice-Cap : Iba Tetsuzaemon

Division 9 Cap :Tousan Kaname
Division 9 Vice-Cap : Hisagi Shuuhei

Division 10 Cap: Hitsugaya Toushirou
Division 10 Vice-Cap: Matsumoto Rangiku

Division 11 Cap : Zaraki Zempachi
Division 11 Vice-Cap : Kusajika Yachiru

Division 12 Cap: Kurotshuchi Mayuri
Division 12 Vice-Cap: Kurotshuchi Nemu

Division 13 Cap : Ukitake Jyuushiro
Division 13 Vice-Cap : Shiba Kaien (Kotsubaki Sentaro +
Kotetsu kiyone)

Ok... now i shall elaborate more on the captain that i like(:

Division 10 Captain: Hitsugaya Toushirou

He is the youngest captain among the captains of the 13 divisions by a considerable margin. He is known as a prodigy in study of the shinigami arts, earning him the nickname of "Tensai (jap)" or "Genius (eng)"

Despite his youth, Hitsugaya is one of the more mature captains, level-headed and perceptive, if a bit lacking in the humour department. Unlike the unemotional Kuchiki Byakuya, however, the right set of circumstances will put Hitsugaya into anger, annoyance, etc.

When battle comes around, Hitsugaya wields Hyourinmaru, the most powerful ice-type zanpakuto in Soul Society.

Some more captains...

Former 12th Divison Captain: Urahara Kisuke (joon wee's favourite character.. i guess)

The eccentric proprietor of the Urahara Shop, and a man shrouded in mystery. He's always carefree and witty, but also seems to always know just a bit more than he's telling you.
As it turns out, of course, he's the former Captain of the Twelfth Division. For creation of an untraceable gigai that leeches shinigami powers, he was exiled at some point, and forever banned from re-entering Soul Society. (Why this ban was not also placed on his accomplices--which seem to be Yoruichi and Isshin--is a matter of some debate.)

Urahara has an excellent relationship with Shihouin Yoruichi, who is said to be his only living relative. They act a bit like brother and sister, trading playful banter as well as more serious discussion with equal aplomb. There are also a few non-Shinigami who name Urahara as a friend, such as Tessai, Ururu, and Jin.

Though almost always toting it around it its cane form, Urahara is masterful in the use of his zanpaku-to, Benihime.

Former 2nd Divison Captain: Shihouin Yoruichi

Born into the noble Shihouin family, Yoruichi quickly rose to the rank of captain, and was apparently quite talented at the job. However, the day came when Urahara Kisuke was exiled, which prompted Yoruichi to help him and follow him to the mortal world. She has since stayed near Urahara, though in the form of a black cat (this seems to be a unique talent of hers).
Yoruichi is smart, sarcastic, and extremely confident, bordering on arrogance. She does not hesitate to show off her impressive talents (nor apparently her impressive body, at least to Ichigo). However, she is quite well aware of her limitations, and is content to retreat to gain a tactical advantage.

She does not seem to wield a zanpaku-to (circumstantial evidence suggests that Soi Fong's Suzumebachi was once Yoruichi's), but her talent in combat is impressive. She has mastered kidou, and is possibly the most talented practitioner of shunpo in history. These combine to make her a lethal opponent easily capable of taking on a captain-class enemy, even without a zanpaku-to.

11th Division Captain: Zaraki Kenpachi

Zaraki lives for one purpose and one purpose only: to fight. All other concerns are basically secondary. Though Zaraki enjoys fighting with all his strength, he does not seem particularly concerned with winning or losing; the joy of battle is all that matters to him.

Zaraki was originally a nameless swordsman fighting for his life on an apparently daily basis. After much trial, he was spotted by the shinigami and given a position in the Gotei 13, where he rose in the ranks until finally defeating (and, incidentally, killing) the previous Eleventh Division Captain in single combat.

That's not to say that Zaraki doesn't have a softer side, though. He has an unlikely friendship in Kusajishi Yachiru, whose tiny, cute appearance and saccharine personality stand in stark contrast with Zaraki's massive physique and gruff manner. The two are inseperable, however, like father and daughter, and it's safe to say that Yachiru is the only person whom Zaraki's wrath has no chance of touching.

Wielder of a nameless blade, Zaraki is the only captain in Soul Society who does not know the name of his zanpaku-to; this is a testament to his terrifying strength in combat and colossal spiritual pressure.

8th Division Captain: Kyouraku Shunsui

As his overcoat, hat, and stubble might indicate, Shunsui is someone who lives life in a carefree manner. He loves to nap, joke, drink, and generally be laid-back about everything that comes his way. When things get serious, however, Shunsui shows that beneath his whimsical exterior lies intelligence, skill, and a sensitive and compassionate character that hates to watch suffering.
Shunsui has an excellent relationship with his vice-captain (if somewhat love-hate on her part), and is also good friends with Thirteenth Division Captain Ukitake Juushiro, who, along with Shunsui himself, was one of the first graduates of Yamamoto Genryuusai's shinigami academy. It seems that Shunsui also has a good relation with Yamamoto, having coined the nickname "Yama-jii."

When Shunsui is forced to fight, he wields the twin-blade zanpaku-to Katen Kyoukotsu with awesome skill.

6th Division Captain: Kuchiki Byakuya

Captain of the Sixth Division. Byakuya is head of the noble Kuchiki family, and as such is sophisticated in his philosophy and manner of speech. He is perpetually cool and collected--many might say cold and emotionless--having never been seen to either smile or lose his temper.

Despite his youthful appearance, Byakuya is actually a widower. His wife died some years ago, seemingly of one or another illness. It is not known whether Byakuya's reserved personality developed or increased after his wife's death, but it seems a logical assumption.

He is Kuchiki Rukia's adoptive brother, but does not appear to possess or display much filial affection. Rukia even goes so far as to say at one point that Byakuya never once cared for her in the slightest. This may be a somewhat unfair portrayal, however, as Byakuya seems to be the type who keeps his cards close to his chest, so to speak.

His weapon is the deadly Senbon Zakura, which he wields with suitable elegance to dispatch his foes.

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Hello! im here to introduce bleach to everyone.
What is bleach? It is a plot revolving around a central character called Ichigo Kurosaki who is a super pro shinigami (death god). Bleach is about the world of heaven(soul society) and about spirits that are evil(hollows) and spirits that are kind(pluses). Basically the job of a shinigami is to purify hollows by killing them and to send pluses to soul society by soul burial. If you die and are damned to walk the ground that you died or somewhere that is important to you, over time the hole where your heart was will grow and you will eventually be turned into a hollow (the hole can be forcefully opened and turn you into a hollow instantly as well). You can also become a hollow by being eaten by a hollow. Once you are a hollow - you first seek out the souls of loved ones in your human life. This is to help ease the pain and suffering. After that, you begin to seek out to eat souls of high spiritual concentration. The main way to defeat a hollow is by cutting off it's head. Soul society has 13 squads of shinigamis. Each squad is led by a captain, followed by a vice-captain, and then seated officers.

A zanpaku-to is the direct reflection of the power of its wielder, a shinigami's spiritual pressure given physical form. While they mostly look like any other katana an old-time samurai might carry around, zanpaku-to are far from normal. The foremost difference is the ability of zanpaku-to to harm shinigami. Since shinigami are really a kind of ghost, normal blades and weapons can't touch them. In fact, "zanpaku-to" literally means "soul cutting sword."

The other major point that separates them from plain ol' swords is a zanpaku-to's ability to transform. Each blade has up to three distinct forms which its wielder can acces according to their strength and skill. The first, and one that doesn't take any effort to attain, is the blade's normal form. With a few exceptions, a zanpaku-to's normal form is indistinguishable from that of a plain katana.

The second form is called "Shikai", or "first release". The key to Shikai is learning the zanpaku-to's name. Discovering it is not the easiest thing in the world; some Shinigami never do manage it. But for those that do, they gain a whole new level of power. Easily triggered by an incantation unique to each sword, a shikai zanpaku-to changes immensely, often becoming a weapon far removed from a sword. Also, shikai zanpaku-to usually have special powers a shinigami can use, such as poisons, illusions or power blasts.

"Bankai", the third form, means "all release". Only shinigami at the Captain's rank, or highly powerful Vice-Captains can acquire bankai. Increasing the zanpaku-to's power by as much as a factor of ten, it takes many decades of intense training to learn bankai (or three days of cheating courtesy of Urahara and Yoruichi. ^^) Triggering a zanpaku-to's bankai needs only a one-word incantation: Bankai.

Bankai zanpaku-to get additions to their names, indicating it is New and Special, and it changes even more drastically, usually (presently with only 1 exception) becoming something far, far larger than the wielder.

Yeah go watch bleach!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Observations made recently. some free time now...slacking again after a failed attempt to mug i decided to unleash my crapping powers once again in order to keep the blog alive...remember not so long ago i identified two dear classmates of ours who actually aren't what they really are? Yup, let me continue with the list.

Recently, as i sat at the class bench stoning and joining in conversations of people within our midst, I once again made a shocking discovery. Because I found more unhuman life forms with us!!! Let us go down the list:

1. Koh Weilun
Appearance: looks like Patrick in Spongebob Squarepants
Weapon: Has powers to release a blizzard on those who are not wary
Description: Do not be fooled by his appearance, who appears to be innocent and all. He can freeze you within seconds with his lameness and nobody can escape from this terrible fate. Currently, he is recruiting disciples to carry on his realm. And one of them is Leng Weilin. Notice that both of them share the same hidden meaning in their surnames: Koh, which puns with cold and Leng which puns with the chinese character 冷...

2. Wong Joon Wee
Appearance: Oscar in Sesame Street
Weapon: stares at you with wide innocent eyes then delivers a blunt knife right through your back
Description: niao ren gong fu yi liu...his words are laced with sarcasism and then decorated with some form of lameness and fan hua...ah...he masters the art of double meanings...

Conclusion: When both come together and spam you with their powers, you will find yourself frozen in huh...can put you in the museum le...don't be fooled by people who disguise themselves as cartoon characters.

Oh ya...still got one more...

3. Xiaowen
Appearance: like Miss Choo Wenrui
Weapon: nil (she is harmless)
Description: Another typewriter, font size 12, font verdena. She can match with Miss No.1 mugger's handwriting...go see if you wish to find prove.

hmmm...i think that's all...what an interesting class we have don't many, what's with surnames?

Flo-sian diao le

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lame chat :D

This is a chat history. Think it is kinda funny so i decided to post it. =)

Joon Wee™ says:
lol. tmr bio tutorial need to do anot

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
i did le...xP ooops
Joon Wee™ says:
wad the hell. u are banished from the slacker's club

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
Omg. no~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Joon Wee™ says:
tmr u shall receive a decree. banning u from ever slacking again

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
Joon Wee™ says:
but will give u certificate of participation lar. don worry

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
it is done by accident, pls forgive me my lord
Joon Wee™ says:
Argh. by accident! a likely tale! do u have any evidence to show that this is an isolated incident

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
i lended my blank tutorial to wenrui. then she typed out for me
Joon Wee™ says:
orh ok. i shall pardon u then. no next times

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
thanks my lord! i promise i will do that again!
Joon Wee™ says:
huh?! seems like u arent remorseful

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
sorry my lord this is another accident! my hands simply do not tally with my thoughts
Joon Wee™ says:
Arhhh. may i know what are your thoughts
یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
oh my lord there is a plane there! wow
Joon Wee™ says:
i see. you are showing disrespect to the Lord. i have ordered for ur expulsion

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
Joon Wee™ says:
your license to slack shall be revoked

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
pls don my lord
Joon Wee™ says:
you shall be forever condemmed to doing homework

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
it is my honour to continue serving u
Joon Wee™ says:
arh... we must get this point clear. you are not serving me. we are merely disobeying the queen of muggerland wen rui to fight against her and her forces and achieve a decisive victory. thats our main concern
یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
hmmm, so wad is your strategy, my lord?
Joon Wee™ says:
i do not have a concrete plan yet

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
i will use my life to repay ur kindness! tell me wad to do my lord
Joon Wee™ says:
my kindness is nothing compared to the nobleness of the great order. few have fought wen rui and survived to tell the tale. many of our ranks fell under her spell and joined her forces. our strength is declining

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
arh~~i was nearly controlled by her spell! luckily my lord has saved me!
Joon Wee™ says:
but how many of us am i able to save? i am only 1 man against the whole of her forces. we must unite... at once

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
Joon Wee™ says:
yeah doesnt seem sophisticated enough

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
long live slacker's club!!!
Joon Wee™ says:
in the name of the slacker's club... we shall keep a portion of the class bench forever ours. Nor books nor pens nor tutorials nor lecture notes shall be placed on that portion

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
oh, didn we hav achieved that from 10pm to 4am?
Joon Wee™ says:
yeah we did. but thats because queen wen rui disbanded her forces temporarily

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
oh i see…tricky her!
Joon Wee™ says:
thats true. what is the strength of our current forces general

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
hmm, my lord shud discuss wif our slacker brigadier kxiang
Joon Wee™ says:
i see... but im afraid we dont have much time…do we have assassins?

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
unfortunately she betrayed us and joined the forces of queen wenrui
Joon Wee™ says:
speak the name of that traitor

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
assassin wei lin
Joon Wee™ says:
this…that assassin. I’ve encountered her during my daily walks. she has potent crippling spells
یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
Joon Wee™ says:
she might be able to cause queen wen rui to be lame. but be careful. i almost got frozen to death by her jokes
یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
oh my lord, i shall go wif u, i would be able to cast a fire shield on u my lord!
it will melt the ice casted upon u
Joon Wee™ says:
thank you. i guess the only way to destroy her would be to burn all her notes, and tutorials only then will she stop

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
oh my lord, but my power is limited, the only way to cast unlimited flame is to supply me wif mana
Joon Wee™ says:
who amongst us is able to provide u with unlimited mana? unless there is no spoon?

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
hmm, or maybe we shud hunt for mana stones at the muggerland?
Joon Wee™ says:
hmmm but that would cost us a hefty 4200 gold

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
so who are the feeders in the muggerland? we shud feed on them
oh ya, ting yi the treasurer is one of the subodinates of the queen wenrui
Joon Wee™ says:
we shall feed on the traitor first then. Hmm…we shall feed on both of them

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
roger that my lord
Joon Wee™ says:
we are damn lame

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
Joon Wee™ says:
we actually can write a story on that

یєυέŋ Ŧћŕεε Yu Siang™ says:
Yalar. i underestimated my ability to lame wif u

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The day with TOO/TWO long breaks...

Yoz people!!! It's me again...I haven't blog for a long time since the last chem tutorial/art lesson...and seeing that our class blog is on the verge of being stagnant again, I made up my mind to find something interesting out of this boring day to crap about.

So, the econs people are having their long break day hour and then another two hours...hmmm...i was just being troubled about what we were going to do during that break. After maths lecture, we went back to the class bench. We decided to go to high school to have lunch, cos there is really too much time to kill...we started talking about the new class bench arrangement, which many of us did not like, because it made the left wing very congested and it just did not feel right (changed the feng shui wei...). Our class bench was shifted downwards (AHHH!!!! Away from my emo tree!!! *sniff sniff*) It looks like this now.So basically, when you sit at your class bench, you longer face the outside, where you can enjoy the picturesque view of the patch of green grass against the azure blue sky with fluffy clouds drifting lazily across...nor can you enjoy the tennis match at the tennis courts not far you can see now is people, people and people. Furthermore, the corridor is narrower now, so we can't play chap teh (did i spell correctly? I don't think so...nvm) Really, it's really a bad arrangement...

Anyway, sorry for sidetracking, but we were walking towards high school. Then Aaron and Yu siang started to reminisce the happy days in their high school, talking about where you can get the nicest view, which they say it's the clock tower...when you look out, you can see the sky at the break of dawn...beautiful they enviable...actually i can sort of imagine, cos the window in my room also allows me to watch the sun set...:)

Ya, so we conclude that the high school is has a very nice view...the clock tower is indeed a very nice architecture structure...that's when they decided to give me a tour round the school...haha...we also went into the art block...very nice...but they cleared the things out so can't get the full impact. After that we decided to eat cos i was really hungry... forward...after eating, we decided to walk back...but it was raining, so we had to walk a longer way...we end up visiting the was really huge...hmmm, dunno whether it's fate or what, we saw jimmy and gang from far playing table the three of us got there and started to play too! That's where the fun started...Ahhh...that's Dun yong, captured under the pro hands of Flo...orh...cos Yu siang and Sylvia were using the bats at the next table, so Jimmy, Dy and Sw decided to use their hands to play...haha...not bad...quite successful...i was laughing like crazy... turned out that Jimmy and DY very pro in table tennis too....果然是卧虎...then jimmy try to act pro lor...he down there
Jimmy: "I'm going to be serious now."
Served the ball- it bounced on the net.
Jimmy: "板滑, 球滑. " Then, he served again, saying, " I mean NOW."
The ball hit the edge of the table and bounced away into the bushes. (hahahaha)
We all burst out into peals of laughter...YS was saying, "Table也滑..."
Anyway they manage to continue playing...Wahaha...sorry Jimmy...:D

Until now, you might be wondering how come only the few of us...where's PR and KX? hmmm...they are too busy with their VBC thingy la...heard that they are reaping millions...oh ya weilin, this is a VIRTUAL game btw...just imagine it is real...HAHAHA...they no need to work for the rest of their lives le...hee hee hee...too bad it isit la...but they still find joy staring at the leaping figures...Look at them la...cannot stop smiling...if you look closely you might see dollar signs...actually i wanted to put dollar signs on their eyes...use photoshop...but i considered that i might be slaughtered, so better not...:D

Well, that's all...happy mugging for maths and CSC!!!


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Sunday, April 8, 2007

chem lab

Yo yo! I finally came online to post the photos. And florence! i not first time blog, just first time blog at cls blog.

patrick and spongebob, by artist weilun

bear bear, by artist florence

Haha. Our class actually got a lot of artists. Other masterpieces kena destroyed by the end of chem lab so don't have photos. Chemical bonding can be fun actually. lol.

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Chem lab...

Yesterday, we had 2 hours of lab...though no lab session but we went through the chem bonding theory...haha...i thought it would be quite boring but then we managed to entertain ourselves...
So, Miss Bobillier got us to form into groups of 2 or 3, gave us some toothpicks and bluetack to construct the different types of molecular structure...well, we did construct the structures, but we made some new ones too...look below....
Haha...look at this cute bear bear...I made it!!!
side view...
Bear bear on the verge of being PR...His masterpiece...bipyramidal molecule...BearH4
This Seng wei and jimmy's artpiece...hmmm...

That's what we least for the pple sitting at the right hand side benches...i know that weilun and joonwee made spongebob square pants and patrick...haha...very cute...but i don't have the pictures...but weilin took them i think can ask her to post on the blog...
That will be the first time she is blogging...-.-

yah...please keep our blog alive...


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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Potter Puppet Pals

Ok... Another rofling vid.

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Death Note parody TRANSLATED debu note

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG LOL!

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