Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Yesterday, 20th of Feb, was the best day of my life this year...cos i went to watch fireworks!!! Not that i've never watch them before...I watched once in S'pore during National Day...but the Chinese New Year Fireworks display in Hong Kong is spectacular! It's also the reason why I went back this year to celebrate CNY - so that I can go and watch and experience it first hand. It was freezing when we went there (with my parents and my friend) because it was at the harbour and in addition it was drizzling but many pple still stayed on. We reached there two hours before to get a place that was nearer the sea, for better view you see...haha...ate mcdonald's and play chopsticks with my friend (I lost all the games ) : ) Thankfully, more and more pple arrived to block the wind...
After an interminable wait, the show finally started (at 8pm)! Wow...it was spectacular...there was 8 displays in total with music for accompliment and the show lasted about 20 mins...around there i think...I was going, "WOW...WOW....WOW..." with each display...oh...and it's really special...this year, there's one fireworks that show the chinese charactar "ji", another showing a pig's snout, some that looks like floating fire crackers (they tied red little parachutes on the thing) and smiley faces, ones that look like flowers blossoming, gold ingots and many many more! But i couldn't capture those clearly...but i did took a video...specially bought a 1 GB card for this show...haha...

Watching the fireworks live is really different from watching it through the television. I could feel the entire ground vibrating with each explosion...that's the best part...only then can you feel the beauty of fireworks...with the sound that reverberates...the feeling of estacy still lingers...
Can't wait to see you guys back in school! YAY! See you tmr!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Year in HK

Hi 73! Happy Chinese New Year...now currently in Hong Kong...the atmosphere here is superb! So unlike S'pore, no qi fen at all -.- Anyway, this is my fourth day here. I went to the CNY market to walk around and to submerge myself in the CNY atmosphere...actually, strictly speaking, I was being pushed along...you can't imagine how many pple were at that football court (they set up the market there), I was just pushed along...if you want to approach the shops, you have to squeeze and fight to get there.

But thankfully, I still manage to get some cute stuff...look at the pair of pig's ears on my head and the thingy I'm carrying...haha...they sell that all over the place...maybe I should bring to school and play...hahaha...

look...the cigrattte is another of those things...inflated balloons i guess

wow...that's crowded...and it's like 12 midnight...and it's gets more and more crowded in the morning.
Then today, i went to my grandma's house to have "kai nian fan"...then i saw my relatives. It was then i realise there is really a great gap between them and me...ok...anyway...tmr i'm going to watch fireworks!
Yay! I will videotape and let you all see...

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LALALA... Happy Chinese New Year pple! oh yay. it's a brand new year. and oh ya peeps! you know what? Our sales for the cny stall is considered not bad you know! with the help of our senior class ct rep YC and Chenyuan plus many many many support from 06s73 de seniors, we managed to have a profit closed to 40 bucks. HAHA ok i m mean here. i heard other classes' profits are like $8. o_O wheehoo...
anw thanks everyone:D
went to watch sg heartlander's show "just follow law" with my friend right after watching mentu with 73-ers plus seniors. It was such a BIG contrast luh. mentu is kinda EXCITING to the extent that my darling jasmin described mentu as " HORROR MOVIE" HAHA which led me to laugh for like 10 secs. On the other hand, "just follow law" by jack neo was super duper farnie. Esp when you see fann wong doing ulber amusing actions. OMG if you are quite bored during cny, no harm catching this movie and laugh your ass off. Thou i prefer jack neo's touching movie style rather than the super funny kind.

and oh yay. the saga seeds art deco is really nice. very artistic;) and awwww so sweet:)

thou cny break quite long, but i feeling quite bored at home. jia ju and I agreed that it feels weird not going out till late together. HAHA nvrm i shall entertain myself by singing cai shen dao song:
CAI SHEN DAO! deng deng deng deng deng~ cai shen dao wo de jia men kou! deng deng deng deng deng~ LALALA

and oh yeah. *SOMEONE's BIRTHDAY ARRIVING* heyy twink twink, i draw you card okkay:)

ok i shall bring my dogs for a walk. Get them into the festive mood too:)
once again, Happy Chinese New Year!


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Warm wishes from m'sia

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!

Yeah i m in KL now, juz have my reunion dinner with my family and relatives. Feel so home~btw new year eve in KL is not as fun as in JB lorr...coz in JB got lots of ppl playing firecrackers XD

haihz...sch reopens on wed so I hav to come bac to s'pore on tues. envy my friends in m'sia and china, they hav 9 days and 2 weeks of CNY holiday respectively T-T

Kae xiang if u wanna visit me, u hav to make appointment lorr coz many ppl wanna see me. =) no lah u can come at anytime.

juz managed to snap some photos of firecrackers beside me o.O


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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yo's from KL

Jasmin's video covered the tagboard so I decided to post. =)

Just went relative's house for reunion dinner, then wanted to visit Yu Siang in his relative's house, but it was too late, like 11pm. He decided to dao me, like what someone did during the fac dance *hinthint*, so he's going back tomorrow. Anyway, my friends was like damn sad after the fac dance thing, but then Apollo's spirit is the strongest, you just can sense it, so I have no qualms.

Awk-Awk- Awkpollo... *crow flies over*

My main objective of pushing the video down has been achieved, so cya back in school safely on wed. sigh.. Bye KL~ T-T

I'm Kae Xiang!

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HELLO!! the loser here almost lost her blogger account password (again) somewhere in her humongous brain...WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!

LALALA yeah so after the very depressing defeat(fac dance), almost every yellow person was seen emo-ing..serious...the whole area at the class benches was filled with yellow people dazing into space, some punching the RED ROSE SYRUP, some ready to grab any red person to HANTAM..ya so we took quite a long time to set off for the outing

anyway we went to ang mo kio to catch the protege (mentu) with some seniors..walked a long way to and fro under the blazing hot sun searching for some eating place...when we decided on SUBWAY we walked and walked and walked and guess wat Subway was closed, how nice. fortunately senior CT rep recommended us to a very cheap jap restaurant, we started eating at 2.40 when our movie was at 2.50, once again HOW NICE :)

yep so we rushed to the theatre and started to watch...the movie was NC16!!! dunyong, jimmy and i innocently thought it was PG till some raunchy and disturbing scenes started appearing.....the drug addict was so scary, i vowed never ever to watch another horror movie 3 yrs ago until THIS!!! ARGH ARGH!! to make things worse, there was one scene when the drug addict pierced a fork into her palm, stupid jimmy jabbed his nails into my arm out of shock...I FELT AS IF I WERE THE DRUG ADDICT IN THE SHOW...thanks ah jimmy well done:) no wonder i was so disturbed and horrified throughout the whole show, i wasnt only watching the show i was literally FEELING it..

anw the movie attained a 4 out of 5 stars rating...WOO HOO (though i didnt really enjoyed it) shall ask someone else to blog on the content of the movie, im not really very good at judging movies. yep so after the movie we splitted into 3 grps, 1 grp went home, the other went to mos burger to chitchat and the last grp went to play pool. initially planned to go senior CT rep's house to play mahjong but due to poor response, the plan was abandoned..yeah so end of the outing :(

oki my bro's rushing me so ill end here...HAVE FUN DURING CNY!! GAMBLE MORE!!! ( hinthint earn more for the sake of SOMEONE's birthday)..WAHAHA


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Apollo Faculty Dance (CNY)

Hmm.. i can sort of see why we lost =( But its ok...

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I AM A SAD GONGZIE. (note: gongzie can be used as a noun, adjective, verb and adverb. e.g. eh you damn gongzie lar.)


yeah i guess many people were more pissed than sad. hahaha i've havent been so pissed in a very long time.


ares: woah woah woah woah.

haha random byebye :D

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Friday, February 16, 2007





We're the best WOO!!!!

No matter what the judges think, we still will be the champions in our own eyes =D

Today was really fun, i enjoyed eating and drinking and dancing the apollo fac dance over and over even after we didn't win. We stuck together and that is what is the most important.


P.S. If there was a class outing, can someone who went blog about it?

P.P.S Song changed to Angela - Separation. Slower song to reflect some of our moods =(

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CNY celebration' 07

钱真难赚 T.T
This is wad we earned so far...
Gotcha!! Mass dance Apollo Dance!!!!


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7am in school 1
7am in school 2

what's she emo-ing about??

big hand hold small hand



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sneak previews.
what did jasmin see!?!

mystery unveiled...

aww. how sweet!

uh oh. wenrui's secret's exposed!


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tributes to audrey & gongzie


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Hmm... today was chinese new year celebration at hwa chong. its quite a sad day... cause our class street stall and the faculty dance thing.... okie from the starting of the day. me weilin and tingyi (florence not in singapore :( sadly)were looking at the ge fang people singing because yihong and leekoon singing... yay took pictures(: then we went on to look at some performances on and off.. in between we went to pick saga seeds(: it was sooo fun!!! the second time there... haha i think the people who walked past must be thinking that we are a bunch of nutties... ok anyway then we played around with the saga seeds and took photos again!! many many photos for florence(: later we went back to our class stall and we realised that the ice blender not working!!! oh man... we were like helpless...don't know if the blender was spoilt or power source was faulty... aiyo... everybody so lost at that point of time... in the end it was the power source so we went to borrow a space from the neighbouring stall... ok the profit was quite sad so shall not talk about it... but i believe its due to lack of preparation... if we really devote our time and effort we definitely can do better than this! so 73 bu yao hui xin! we can definitely do better the next time(: hmm... then followed by the hwa chong mass dance... oh... this was bad... we totally and i mean TOTALLY have no idea how to dance cause people like me have serious memory problems... ok so we just stand around... then when we decided to dance.. weilin and tingyi dao me and find their own partners... so aaron came to ask me to partner him cause we both have no partners... so that's when tingyi and weilin and some others went mad... ting yi start taking pictures of " the chinese new year scene and people dancing"... but actually who don't know where she was aiming.... but oh well i am sure she would post the picture on the blog... sigh... don't xiang wai wai okie? anyway... after the mass dance we have the faculty dances... apollo was quite cramped up together (not well spread out)... and so we looked as if we have very little people and we could not dance properly due to the limited space... so i think by now you could have guessed the result... we didn't win the faculty dance.... many many people were very disappointed with the results.... especially all the very enthu people and of course the dance i/cs who came up with the dance... they really spent alot of time to come up with the dance.. but the apollo spirit never dies... we danced again without the music in the central plaza... and again outside the auditorium. APOLLO SIMPLY ROCKS!!!!! for those out there who are still feel upset about it cheer up! (: at least we are united and bonded!!! we never gave up till the very end... and i am sure we can win the faculty trophy this year!!!!! yay! haha(: ok then after the celebration some of our classmates went to watch movie with the seniors... audrey ting yi szeying and me went to eat ice cream... we talked and laughed... haha quite crazy... but very fun(: ok... pardon me for any errors here and there cause i am rushing to help out with the cleaning at home... i shall end here for today!

florence! have fun in hong kong! yusiang and kaexiang! have fun in malaysia!!

for all 73! and all the people out there! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! enjoy(:

-wenrui (:
the four musketeers!!!
our ice cream flavours:
. audrey: mint .
. tingyi: dark chocolate + rum and raisin .
. szeying: cookies and cream + hazelnut .
. me: tiramisu .
haha then we had other random stuff... corn dog,
honeyglazed chicken and honey tomato from cold storage (:
szeying can't bear to leave us after our icecream feast!

the artistic deco (: haha

73 united!! (:
an apple a day keeps the doctor away (:
"the saga seeds pickers"


our school invited some old folks over to celebrate chinese

new year with us...

yihong is singing!!
saw our senior soon swee playing street soccer when we
were on our way to pick saga seeds (:

hwa chong in the morning (:
class banners in the left wing (:
class banners in the right wing
the crowd starting to gather...
whoosh... the crowd is growing!!

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