Sunday, May 27, 2007

At World's End

Omg the new pirate movie rocks.

The cast, setting, action and plot > the superoverrated spidie 3

If u haven watch its a must watch this hols !!!!!!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Before we entered the toapayoh sports stadium yesterday, we could alr hear the thunderous applause and cheering from our sch. We shud be owning man -.- , i thought. The moment we got into the stadium, oh my... HCI 11 : IJ 2 o.O Wah our sch basketball team damn own lah! A few mins later, the marginal score was always about 20 pts or more! The player 7 and 13 are damn cool, can communicate telepathically! As the playmaker point guard passed the ball to anyone of em, both of em will assist one another and SCORE. The final score of the match was quite morale boosting! HCI 99 : IJ 63 . Haizh juz one more mark then we break 100 alr XD...haha nvm lah we OWNED then can alr, shall not ask for too much :)

Yeah, Friday marked the start of the hols! Yea many pple r going overseas! 祝你们一路顺风! Must rmb to take a lot of photos and share at the classblog :) as some pple might not hav the privilege or chance to go to the place u gonna visit, like me T.T So rmb to post hor... Ya enjoy your holiday! All e best for block tests!


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Thursday, May 24, 2007


YAY~~~!!! Finally term's coming to an end...and instead of finding ourselves free and enjoying that one month holiday we've all been waiting for, I realised like almost half the class going away for hols!!! WOOHOO!!! Three cheers to us! Wish all who are going overseas one road go with the who arh? Orh...the csc pple, weilin, lee koon and joyce and still got who...give my regards to the whales ok? Thanks...and aaron and wenrui...heh heh heh...happy OCIPing...even though going separate countries (China and Africa right?), linked by common goal (aww...)...o.O kxiang, don't fall off the cliff...and sze ying...are you going for some geog trip? or is it in dec? Anyway, whoever else is going overseas, 一路顺风! Ahahaha...and happy mugging for block test...heh heh heh...finish happying must come back and sad...yay...that's all.

Flo :D- feeling lame

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scherzo Humoristique

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Impromptu in C sharp minor Op.28 No.3

meh. She has to stand to play the piano :(

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Chopin Transcendetal Etude #24


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Chopin Valse No.14

zzz... im gonna make everyone zibei with me :)

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Chopin - Fantasie Impromptu Op.66

Omg this makes me feel so zibei now -.-

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

hihi everyone, if u r not aware, our class is filled with first aiders (tat includes a chemistry teacher..) !! :) TRUE CERTIFIED FIRST AIDERS!!!

on saturday, jiaju and i just concluded our three-saturdays-from-nine-to-six first aid training and we both PASSED our first aid test..WOOO we're certified first aiders!!!

ok so we would like to share our humble first aid knowledge with u guys...cos first aid may just come to good use any time anywhere...

ok, let's start...First aid is the immediate help given to the casualty before medical help arrives (if i didnt rmbr wrongly).

ok to teach u guys abt first aid using words sounds really boring right?? here' s some pictures to make things interesting...really interesting...enjoy!

lesson no. 1- Bandaging

what u do when u injure both eyes
do not panic when help arrives

and this is how u bandage...

and when ur chem teacher gets her eyes injured too....

u bandage her up..

and never let the casualty catch u taking a photo of her.

Lesson no. 2- choking/ CPR

Check for breathing--Apply Look, Listen, Feel

Crucial step- clearing the airway...jiaju always takes extra care and goes slow and steady whenever it comes to this step

Next do 30 compressions when suspected choking

And then u give 2 blows again..

(of course, there are many steps not illustrated here, yeah so this is not very accurate..pls do not try unless u r Aaron:)

ok guys had an enriching time learning first aid??

jiaju sure did...

- jasmin:)

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Random photos :D

I just found out that my camera got lots of picture and haven shared yet! Haih since the blog so dead i shall spam man :D
First of all, Mr. Low, our econs tutor who taught us when Mrs. Genevieve Tan was in labour. He is a very dedicated teacher and all of us LOVE him. Hope we will have a chance to meet him again and have lunch together!
ok i shall talk about fac outing now.
hmm...i will rate the fac outing 5/10. The food was nice, especially the BBQs, but personally i think that the programs were a bit sianz...

Jia Ju represented our class for banana eating competition. (The middle white shirt guy)
"Oh my...dear jimmy are u still ok?"
"I wanna go toilet..."

Then let's welcome our class prince and princess seng wei and joyce!!!*clap clap*
Basically the game is like that: the prince has to stuff in as many bun as possible to the princess' mouth o.O

"eh don't bully me...T_T"

Last but not least, Joyce, blindfolded, had to removed the pegs clipped on Seng Wei's shirt and pants. They were clipped by Jia Ju, at the butt, inner thigh...haha. Oppsss!!! Joyce u touched on something! XD


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Group 162 reporting

HELLOOOO We are the imba group 162 consisting of Kae Xiang, Jasmin, Dun Yong and Wei Lin.

We are the best PW group ever. - Jasmin

Lame. - Kae Xiang

Oh shit. Why mdm yeoh zhen dui wo... - Dun Yong

Silence. - Wei Lin

What's with the silence? - Peng Rong

No inter-group discussion. - Mdm Yeoh

162 cheer - by Jasmin

162 kebaba
ole ole ah ah
162 kebaba
shake it up yay
shake her up MDM YEOH
shake it up yay
shake it up 162

Jasmin. ...

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sian blogger account got problem...anyway pple, good luck for Bio SPA tmr...don't panic ok? Just relax and take things in your stride...tmr's skill B only, so end your report at the anomalous results part...for those pple who didn't do well in chem SPA, don't let it affect you!!! Still got chance to redeem yourself...All the best!
Flo :)

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Saturday, May 12, 2007



and for the rest of the people, ENJOY FAC OUTING. i'll be at home eating HEALTHY FOOD HAHA.

oops i made joonwee have high blood pressure AGAIN! aiyah used to it can alr :D


- Gongzie the Great

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What a day. that only arh...i thought got what big thing lor...anyway you also got no ba bing of me...heh heh heh...cos you don't bother to find, unlike imba phone...full of PHOTOS and VIDEOS...see, last time i was video and photo head in my CCA, so it's an occupational sickness IT rep some more...i feel obliged to provide a little more entertainment to our class...:D And your \ skills not very refined yet...but then you can niao pple...i can see from your ending note...niao yourself la...

Today, we went to play at the monkey bar again...ahahaha...i could get half my body over the wall! Going over it is not too far in the future...and Jia Ju...forgot to wish you: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I shout...:D It's good to hear that you still survive the blow...I didn't know such thing exist can...but why must use my Emo tree?...bunch of idiots la...i'm feel sad for it....

Anyway, weilin, i already tell you how to get rid of the post already, so you hao zhi wei zhi ok? And i'm helping you now la...yay...going to change blogskin soon...anyone has any good idea of what to change or you found any nice blogskin can tell me, or go change yourself la...

Aaron, looking forward to you shouting the command...i shall prepare my cam and aim at you.

-The shortest person in class :D

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orh came to post cos last time florence and pengrong [;) , i am NOT hinting anything seriously. haha] asked me to blog. so post lor.

happy brithday jiaju! and happy belated one to leekoon! shan't elaborate on them f___ p___ jimmy. omg. today then know got such stuff.

and wah florence, you \ me. -.- our class a lot of \ers already. go light fire still not enough, then still got people blowing wind here and there. then the fire became very big. ok but that is not the main point, the main point is do not believe in what your eyes see.

there is this random reversi and chess craze in our class. almost every recess can see people playing. cos florence everyday bring reversi set then nothing much to do during the long break so we went to play. oh ya, question of the week: the two wls of our class (me and weilun) vs leekoon and wenrui in reversi, who won? haha can go tag answer on the tagboard. those who know the answer le don't tag hor. those who don't know can go guess whose intellect is higher. =)

everyone go pray that tomorrow morning won't rain cos aaron going to shout command during morning assembly. haha. don't believe that he can everytime so lucky and be saved by the rain. haha.

this week quite laxing cos lecture tests over already. but tmr got chem spa. must go read va3 - va8. jiayou ba!

sorry for the super random post. this is a much longer post than the last one i posted. =)

-the tallest person in class

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Monday, May 7, 2007


Happy birthday Darling :)

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Love is in the air...

Whatever...something's wrong with my is such and EXCITING and EVENTFUL day! Yu didn't come really wasted lor, but you are ill so rest well la ok? Get well soon...i shall try to provide as much details as i can about today without endangering my own life (see...i risk my life for your entertainment la).
First of all, I would like to point out a few scandals in our class...:D not that anyone of you haven't noticed or something but then, here's hardcore prove. Ahem...this is S___ W___ and J___...what are they doing?
Whatever, they are like damn discreet about it...if you want to know more about their lives...haha...their CO-BLOG is linked to our class blog!!! Go check it out man!
Coming up next (drumroll please...)
Hahaha...i thought i lost this photo...but then it miraculously appeared in my file!!! So must post as a celebratory event...this is what i took after sports day...:D Me and pr were like super intelligent at that time can...Bio lab session...i secretly took picture with my phone using my bag as cover...anyway it was redundant la...cos they too engrossed in their 二人世界 see, kx is smiling like dunno what and our dear wl tries to control, but still, the sides of her lips are curled into a sweet smile...awww...(note to wl: sorry...i really can't stand it already...have to post...or not i take picture no use)

The final pair...wohoo...i think it only came into light all started from yesterday.
You see, Pr is such an electronegative person, so he decides to attract two more is weilin...cos he is trying to rescue her from kx and the other is jasmin, who has became his third wife...(-.-) ok...story fastforward to today...leekoon found out that jasmin is his other she was very angry...and keeps daoing pr...poor should really have come should have seen how pr chase after leekoon, it's really very real, like bgr (maybe it is o.O). I enact the convo for you:
Lk: "我dao你了, 两个不够,还要三个,四个,连kx的都要抢!"
Pr: "Lk~~~不要生气了,你在我心中有个重要的地位!"
and there it continued for like half an hour...ah, sorry...that was an continued for like the whole day?

Story it was Lk's bdae right (happy birthday darling), and so we reminded pr..."eh, today lk's bdae, you go and make her angry?!" so he decided to go 哄her...bought a rose and a pig cushion (significance: the chinese chac. pig puns with pr's remind her of him) and a bdae card for her la...haha...sneak out during break...ahahah...funny part: Lk though pr angry with her for being so like that (sorry, dunno how to describe the feeling properly) and then she was quite scared cos she thought he disappeared to dunno where...

and then, during GP lesson, he came back with a single rose (red one mind you, 花之物语: passion)..."Lk, happy birthday..." Awww...the whole class was overwhelmed with the love...i got you tmr...:D Then they hug...happily ever after ending...muacks....(kx, go learn that to wl)

ok...there ends my story for today...wah...chao shuang now...long time never spam post already...hope you love it...;)

Flo :D- 爽!

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

hello hello hello

hello everyone!!!!!!!!:)

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tank's concert @ HCI '07


拥有一个 专属天使
Wah...超HIGH AH!!! That was the moment that I will never forget in my life. His song and his voice simply ROCK lah!!! I was totally indulged in his wonderful performance. Haihz...back to reality, tomorrow bio test...Heck lah, I still don't regret of going to his concert. In fact I feel more energetic after his concert, got surplus of energy to mug later :D

Presenting to u Tank's photos taken by me :)


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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

do not mug so hard

PR is here to remind everyone that mugging too hard will result in failure :O

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

oops...misled all of sorry...anyway Pr, you won't fail your spa one lor...whole day do so fast...stress xiaowen, wenrui and wonder the right side benches always finish so quickly...sian la...i don't want to study already...i'm mugging like i'm mugging for my o levels last year -.- so i come and blog again!!! Can see that some pple are taking breaks here and there...haha...i think i slack like crazy...come and spam post...this shall be my last for today!!!
Ya...i really want another class outing, Happy mugging!!!


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Chem SPA

In order to push the video further, i shall correct florence.

Chem SPA is on the 10th, which coincidentally is CO SYF =(

Im so gonna fail my tests.


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Bio a bit 容易mug... -.-

For the benefit of those who are mugging bio, i shall post this which was wad i found in the class pigeon hole, at the same time to push down the very widescreen that has been blocking the tagboard :)

Essay Q: Briefly outline the roles of phospholipids, cholesterol and glycolipids in membrane structure (6 marks)




(Shit lah the video is still blocking the tagboard, i shall continue to lengthen my post)

I hav seen many had falled sick recently. The weather is quite cooling nowadays (nice weather to Zzz...), try not to get sick before test. Don't mug until u forget your own health!

Hmm...oh ya don't forget to hand up your final PI on Wed. Word limit <520

Oh man Spiderman 3 is out today!!! Nonono, thou shall watch it only after the 2 giant tests. Perhaps a class outing to cinema after tests?

That’s all. Happy mugging =)



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Labour Day is aptly named.

Labour Day. Supposedly, it is for labourers to rest. However, we are all now currently mugging for the chemistry lecture test tmr, chem spa assessment for thurs and then our dear bio lecture test on much for a holiday...-.- anyway, i've decided that i really study until very motivation i shall slack from now onwards until 6pm, until the sun goes down before pia-ing for chem...haha...i wonder what difference would it make...To all who are slogging, you shouldn't be reading this post cos you are supposed to be all who are reading this...congrats, you have just slack for a second...Oh no...i'm being lame...ok...shan't talk any further, or else i will go crazy...Good luck tmr! happy mugging...oh...i just heard the twelve o'clock bell, heard it? Yup, today's the First of May :)

Flo-totally sian diao-.-

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