Wednesday, December 10, 2008


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Sunday, December 7, 2008

La Soiree - Senior Promenade 2008

La Soiree - Senior Promenade 2008
A night of fun and excitement, a night of transformation and a night full of surprises and cam hogging.
I believed everyone had fun...the food was ok i think and the table was nicely decorated i must say

Candid shots....
Not forgetting to mention the highlight of the show: JIAJU AS MR CONGELIALITY!!!! Supposed to perform a Malay MTV...lols...we had a good laugh...
After prom...some went to Macs....
hahaha...prom was fun and photos are being furiously uploaded onto facebook! This is the final goodbye! All the best 73 :) :) :)

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Friday, November 21, 2008


Just in case you're wondering.. WHAT is on for s73 for the next 2 weeks leading up to prom??

Can't go overseas (damn nuah if go for a few days niah)

Shop too much will kena bad karma (辛辛苦苦赚来的血汗钱)

OKAY.. enough of crap..

This is just a notification for you to free up your 2nd and 3rd of DECEMBER

WE (aka joonwee and yours truly) have planned a magnificent EVENT OF THE YEAR to wrap up our wonderful 2008.


Joonwee should have sent you guys an email le (soon i hope). It may be a stayover.. but it will be decent, and I will be there to protect you.. tell your parents not to worry for there is ultimate safety.. (I GUA-RAN-TEE)

So... if you're envisioning a night of fun, food, games, and non-stop action... do reply to the email to say "YEAH BABE I'M SO GOING"


Terimakaseh (?)

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Last day of official lessons in school and here marks the end of our uniform days!
Thank you and three cheers for Ms Wong who bought as a cake...really delicious...chocolate brownie if i didn't remember wrongly :)

"Dear s73, Good Luck For A Levels!" hahaha...that's the spirit....

Somehow everyone is looking apprehensively at the cake. Stares at the cake. Eyes water. "Is anything going to happen?" some people wonder. Stares at cake still. "Can I have second helpings?" thinks JiaJu (out of pic) "Maybe I should go cut the cake." thinks Wenrui. And there you go, that's so characteristic of 73.
YAY! And wenrui cuts the cake! ("Phew!" thinks bystanders) As usual, nobody cuts a cake as perfectly as she does... she's got an in-built compass-cum-ruler-cum protractor-cum-set square in her (or she must be a computer in disguise, with that unmistakable font size 10 arial handwriting...hmm...)

Nice class photo here...though slightly slanted...looks as if all of us are tilted to one side of the frame :D that's quite cute...but that was quite a fun photo. Three cameras, three timers, three people trying to run into the frame in time for the pic....well, that's the joy of taking your own photos i guess cos it gets really exciting :D

End of post! See you then!

With love, Flo :D

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Take a break!


Last week of hols! Guess everyone's mugging hard but then you can always take a break! Two videos for you to enjoy! Quite funny...really :) Especially Jay chou's...The guy is imba... :)

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Monday, May 26, 2008


sorry for the delay! here are the photos(:

the rest could be found on

birthday girl(:the early birds(:
leekoon and pengrong(:

joon wee sang eventually after much peer

weilun sang too(:this picture looks wrong.
woohoo! its tingyi for you over (from left)florence,weilin,me,leekoon,xiaowen(right)
yay! group photo(:

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xiaowen's bday!

Yesterday, 9 of us (xiaowen, wenrui, joonwee, weilun, tingyi, florence, pengrong, leekoon and me) went to the kbox at cine. Pengrong was the first to reach as usual and he started complaining. (note by flo: he reached at 1.30pm and made an assumption that we will all be late. We arrived at 2 pm sharp, FYI) Then tingyi n i went up to the 8th floor kbox place to find him but he wasn't there. Then called him n realised tt he went to the 4th floor kbox place instead. Then called wenrui n they all were at the 4th floor place as well. -.- Oh ya, before tt, tingyi n i went shopping for xiaowen's present. Wait till wenrui post her camera photos then can see tt our taste is imbah. =) Then i was just commenting to tingyi tt without her i would probably get lost n the next moment i turned around then realised i was walking in the wrong direction n ms cheow has kindly walked off herself.

We went into the kbox place and started singing...

some photos taken:

wenrui engrossed in singing. florence looks a bit spastic. :p

Joonwee caught in the act of stoning. Spotted the focus light n turned around, looking a bit pissed.

Joonwee again. Learned to be smart n hid his face. But the posture a bit weird. Haha.

Weilun hiding from the camera. Reflex action ji fast.

the jie-meis! but i think we forgot someone...

complete photo with xiaomei!

how can we forget the most impt person, the bday girl! Cannot really see in this photo but she changed into our present le. Ji chio!

joonwee trying to act dua pai but not sei at all. damn funny.

weilun kopped tingyi's phone n read tingyi's msg. yihong, u gg le...

flo with the gek face...

just give up and let us take ur photo la...

meng insist dun let us take... haix...

tingyi chao sweet pose. her voice is imbah high... she is also a canto pro... she and flo bao all the canto songs... oh ya... next time u go kbox with tingyi, do not let her hold the mic herself. when we accidentally mentioned someone's name (you-know-who ;) ), she will start screaming into the mic.

joonwee can sing wan lor. at the start refused to sing n acted as though he don't know all the songs.

weilun acting spastic, playing with the thing use to put the cups. we were singing halfway n the room became a warzone, with this cup thing n the tibits flying around. florence got zham at the face n ear i think. then the others also got zhammed. childish joonwee n weilun's fault. 1st time go kbox can get blueblacks. wah imbah. i think the cleaner quite poor thing. need to clear up all the stuff.

after war. go back to singing. tingyi n joonwee singing some old songs i tink.

stupid weilun refused to let me go to the toilet. n pengrong commented tt this looked like maid abuse. -.-

weilun went to hang tingyi's sock at the door while she went to the toilet.

refused to let pengrong in for saying tt i m the maid.

now look at their reaction when they closed the door n touched tingyi's socks after they came in...


~jumps. look n discover is her socks.

wenrui singing again. we purposedly went to choose the tuo diao song n she started zibi-ing again.

bday girl singing... her voice is imbah nice... when she sing together with leekoon, cannot differentiate from the singers' voice.

leekoon singing. nice voice!

leekoon n pengrong singing shi fei ti together. =) =) =)

new discoveries:
-joonwee is a wolf under the sheep's skin. tried to sit beside florence n da shan her. "xiao jie jin tian yi ge ren ah?" n gave the evil smile.
-xiaowen has a imbah nice voice. can be the next poster girl for the kbox place.
-the kbox mtv for english songs has no relevance to the lyrics. wenrui has to hide her face for some parts of the songs.
-zui jin hai hao ma by SHE is an imbah nice song. need to dian twice due to overwhelming response. first time xiaowen n wenrui sang. then second time first part tingyi n i sang. then second part florence n leekoon sang.
-do not let weilun use the remote control. he will start choosing the old hokkien songs tt no one heard before. he chose a song by xiaohei and the mtv was quite funny. leekoon attempted to sing with the help of the pin yin.
-pengrong can sing high-key songs.
-learn how to read fan ti zi before going to kbox and do not be like pengrong n our csc star, joonwee, who don't know how to read the lyrics.

Hope tt the bday girl had enjoyed herself. Oh ya we didn't sing her birthday song. So shall sing her a belated birthday song:

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to xiaowen
Happy birthday to you! =)

-Wei Lin

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Jia Ju- The Modern Cleopatra (male version)

Yay! Class blog revive! Thank you Joon Wee!!!!!!!!

This might come a bit late but nevertheless I believe all of you will enjoy looking at it.
Basketball finals was exciting...esp the girls' finals...can't believe we caught up with the 18-points difference and secure the championship with a close score of 52 to 55. Crazy match...we got double champs btw! Three cheers!
Oh...aside from that, I wanted to show you this:
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...jiaju's fast asleep...rock a bye baby, on the tree top....

Ding Jie too...just a little note...these pics are not by me, they are taken by tingyi and sylvia... :)

Comments by some pple: "Jiaju looks damn sexy..." Exactly how....well, i leave it for you to discern...

And this is abstract...taken by tingyi on the bus while we were going to tpy sports hall....hahaha...blurry effect sia...

ok...that's all...hope jiaju lights up your day! And upcoming is xiaowen's bdae photos! She looked really sweet with her bdae present :)

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